Hello, my name is Julio Bautista, and I´m from Chiapas-Mexico. I´m 29 year old and I have a Masters degree in Energy.

I like being between nature and take long walks in parks and quiet places. I love cooking pizza and lasagna, and my favorite dish is the Chipilin, it's a typical meal from Chiapas. I love animals, in fact I have a little zoo in my house with some fishes, turtles and iguanas.
My favorite sport is swimming and sometimes go to the gym.

I would like to go to Boston for two months and then to Montreal to improve my english in the real life, because I've been studying for over 5 years.
I will go to the Public Library at Boston in July and then at BLI Montreal on September, and I will stay in the city for three months. I would like to be in a quiet place to study, rest and live the city in company of new friends

- Julio

希望スケジュール 上限予算 プロフィール
7月 1日 木曜日 to ??? $800 USD
渡航目的: 勉学 (Library)
Between 21 and 29 years of age