Carre Family Homestay

보스턴 (Dorchester)

홈스테이 미국, 보스턴

Wonderful family homestay in a convenient location. We have hosted over a thousand students over and are still welcoming more. Our home has hosted students from Brazil, Chili, France, Germany, Suadi Arabia, Taiwan, South Korea, and Russia.

We are located in the historical town of Dorchester. Our home is conveniently located 5 minute walk from the Shawmut train station and 30 minute train ride to Park St. There are convenient stores, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and clothing shops are all in walking distance of our home.

For breakfast we provide a typical American breakfast options of cereal, milk, coffee, eggs, and toast. Breakfast is included in the homestay.

We pride ourselves on not cooking the same dinner every night. Typical dinner can include fish, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches.

호스트: Mary
  • 1명 19세 이상
  • 호스트 비흡연
서비스 및 편의시설
  • 식사 포함여부: 아침, 저녁
  • 무선 광역 인터넷 (Wi-Fi)
  • 발코니나 마당과 같은 집 밖의 공간에서만 가능
  • Full service laundry at least once weekly included in fee
입주 정보
  • 1 침실, 1명 체류 가능
  • 이주를 원할 시 1달 사전 안내 요망

이 홈스테이에는 1개의 방이 있습니다

룸 No1: 아파트

1명 체류 가능

입주 가능 날짜: 오늘


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